VIP Annual Rentals is a new Southwest Florida property management company created form the ground up by leaders in the local property management field. Leaders Sarah LaLande and Trula Rowley each have over 25 years of property management experience in the local market, and together, they are dedicated to providing a comprehensive list of property management services to local tenants and property owners.

Unlike other firms, VIP Annual Rentals is not led by a team of real estate agents. We are led by a team of property managers. We were formed in an alliance with VIP Realty Group, Inc., one of the area’s most trusted names in real estate and vacation rentals, but our entire focus is on the long-term annual rental market.

At VIP Annual Rentals, we leverage new technologies to improve the rental experience for tenants and owners alike, providing a high level of service and convenience to our tenants. We have a varied selection of properties, including everything from one bedroom condos to five bedroom single-family homes. To see our existing properties or learn more about our management services, contact us today.